Created in 2019 in Lugano, Switzerland, by Brazilian artist Diego Calasso, born in São Paulo, Projeto Sondilá researches and disseminates Brazilian popular culture and prioritizes original music in its presentations.

Not tied to a fixed repertoire or formation, its sound ranges from acoustic to electric, where drums, wind instruments and harmony color poetry, rhythms and melodies.

The project is metamorphic and is characterized by adaptation to the most varied scenarios and situations.

Sondilá Banda goes from a quartet group with bass guitar, drums and vocals to a 10-member formation, which includes piano, percussion, brass and more voices.

Sondilá Acústico ranges from a trio with just percussion and voices to a batucada/fanfare with 10 members playing percussion and wind instruments in the format of a Carnival Block.

Multiethnic and international, Projeto Sondilá has and had in its formation musicians from different parts of the world: Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico.

Through this proposal to study and disseminate Brazilian popular rhythms, Projeto Sondilá has already brought several important masters to give workshops and participate in concerts in Europe, strengthening cultural exchange and valuing ancestral knowledge and orality.

The poetics of the project tell a story and encourage reflection on the importance of breaking down borders and valuing the wealth of each folk.

Where there is love there is no war, music unites us and reminds us: We are one tribe!