Created in 2019 in Lugano, Italian Switzerland, by the Brazilian artist born in São Paulo Diego Calasso, Projeto Sondilá aims to connect the past and the present, researching and disseminating popular culture from Brazil and other parts of the world, in addition to presenting its own creations in its repertoire.

Projeto Sondilá understands that culture is free and drums are an ancestral link and we must value the masters who possess immeasurable knowledge.

Through this proposal to study and disseminate Brazilian popular rhythms, the Projeto Sondilá has already brought several important masters to give workshops and participate in Sondilá concerts in Europe, strengthening cultural exchange between Brazil and Europe.

Starting from an original repertoire, compositions by Diego Calasso and other artists, and popular songs, the Sondilá Project will release 4 albums in 2024.

Not tied to a fixed formation or style, the versatility of the Project adapts to different spaces and stages, making art present in the most varied situations.

The project ranges from drums to drum machines, from acoustic to electronic, and includes bass, guitar, keyboard and winds in their different formats.

Highlighting popular wisdom centered on orality, Projeto Sondilá values and praises masters of popular culture, highlights voices that are still marginalized and brings to the center of the conversation versions of history that are most often not portrayed in books.

Projeto Sondilá aims to bring together all types of art, but has music and capoeira as the flagships of this colorful universe that art and life provide.

We invite everyone to be part of this musical and artistic journey with us!