From popular to electronic,
from tradition to artistic invention

The Project

With an original repertoire and well-known songs from Brazilian popular culture,
Projeto Sondila is not tied to a fixed genre or formation.

closeup photo of black drum
closeup photo of black drum

Harmony instruments (bass, guitar, keyboard) join wind instruments, percussion and drums creating a unique atmosphere.
The songs are heavily influenced by afrobeat, jazz, funk, mixed with Afro-Brazilian rhythms, creating their own sound identity. The message of the songs are strong and make people reflect on social and spiritual issues and bring love and hope to the world.

Sondilá Elétrico

Funk, trap, drum'n'bass, ijexá, samba, congo de ouro mix up and create a danceable, engaging and reflective repertoire.

Diego Calasso and music producer Frankão (O gringo sou eu) are a duo that mixes electronic music, percussion and Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Sondilá Remix

Sondilá Fanfarra

With wind and percussion instruments, this formation has a repertoire of original songs and MPB classics that refer to Brazilian carnival blocks.

Samba, funk, maracatu, ijexá,... mix together creating a beautiful synergy at festivals and street events.

Sondilá Batucada

The beginning and basis of the Sondilá project!

This formation brings the ancestral strength of drums and voices, being able to perform either on a stage or in the streets, with amplification or acoustically, and invites the public to feel the energy of the Brazilian batucada.

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